21 day water fast: day 16

chickenLast night I realised that I’m at the three-quarters point of the fast.  But numbers mean nothing.  They cut up the truth of unadulterated reality.  The truth is, I often can’t even remember which day of the fast I’m on, let alone what day of the week it is.

I’ve had this dull ache in my left quad the whole day.  At first, I couldn’t understand it.  The feeling was and continues to be similar to what can happen during detox, or in the first couple days of a fast while the body is switching over to ketosis (and drawing from muscle tissue in the meantime).  Obviously I’m firmly in ketosis now, but could it be detox?  But if so, why is my right leg fine?  Surely both should be aching if this were the case.  Continue reading 21 day water fast: day 16

Diets, fasts and healing for runners

When most people think of diets or fasting, they usually have weight loss in mind.  At the best of times this is a dubious practice, since changing the way you eat – especially if it involves reducing caloric intake – usually results in the body conserving energy and using calories more efficiently thereafter.  Although a more efficient body is generally a healthier body (good!), the problem is that, as a result, many people actually gain weight once they finish their diet or fast (bad!).  If you need to lose weight, the healthiest and most sustainable way to achieve this is to move.  Get out there and go for a (barefoot) run!!! Continue reading Diets, fasts and healing for runners

5 day water fast (day 5)

Let’s talk about food!

feastThe transition out of a fast is at least as important as the transition into a fast.  Once your stomach and digestive system have been asleep for a few days, you can’t just immediately pack it full with a deluxe pizza – no matter how attractive the thought of a good meal!  I made the mistake of doing exactly this after my first 7-day water fast.  I suffered with that pizza in my stomach for the next two or three days… Continue reading 5 day water fast (day 5)