21 day water fast: day 1

And so the journey begins.  In a way, it began last night with the end of dinner, the end of eating.  A strange feeling: the idea of three weeks without food.  It seems like such a long time that I can’t really grasp what it means, how it feels, and how I’ll feel.  I don’t worry about not eating – it’s more that the idea of a 21-day water fast draws a complete blank in my mind.  A blank so expansive and huge that the concept of time itself becomes lost in it. Continue reading 21 day water fast: day 1

Running, spiritual experience, and the origins of man

lung gompa running (scaled)Long distance running and spirituality have always shared a deep connection.  The Buddhist marathon monks of Mount Hiei and the Lung Gompa runners of Tibet are perhaps the most famous examples of formalised schools of spiritual training in which running forms a central element.  Tribes of the American southwest, most notably the Hopi and Navajo, also traditionally placed an emphasis on ultrarunning, as a test of physical strength and means to connect with spirit.

Speak to any marathoner or ultrarunner today, and chances are you’re dealing with somebody for whom the material aspects of life are just the outer shell of a deeper experience. Continue reading Running, spiritual experience, and the origins of man