21 day water fast: day 3

prison cellI eat, therefore I am

I know it sounds amusing, but it’s true.  Like yesterday, I find myself continually returning to the existential questions of life – and eating does offer a kind of blithe Cartesian certainty to the world.  Eating sustains our physical body, providing it with life.  It also generates feedback that we are alive.  We move our jaws to chew; movement is proof of life.  We taste the flavours of whatever we are eating; any stimulus to the physical senses shows us that we are alive.  We feel the food digesting deep in our stomach and intestines; sensation coming from the very core of our body.  Again, proof that we are alive.  Take away food and you take away one of the ego’s great crutches. Continue reading 21 day water fast: day 3

Space, energy and the spiritual path

space+energy fractal_framedEverything that exists in this world can be described in two basic terms: space and energy, yin and yang, form and content, shiva and shakti… The atoms in your body, the thoughts in your mind: everything is just a dance between these two fundamental elements.  Does this sound strangely abstract or theoretical?

If so, meditation and yoga can provide a means for discovering the very real space and energy inside you.  Endless space.  Pure energy. Continue reading Space, energy and the spiritual path