21 day water fast: one-month follow-up after the fast

fullsteamaheadI’m writing this 38 days after the end of the fast.  Why now?  Because yesterday I finally ran a solid half marathon in the hills at my usual pace and with no sore muscles today.  Because the day before that I reached my usual number of push-ups for the first time since finishing the fast.  Because earlier in the week I stood on the scales and found that I’m fully back to my pre-fast weight again.  In other words, physically, I feel myself again.  This may seem like a long time to recover, but it’s more or less what I had expected.  After previous week-long fasts, I’ve noticed it usually takes double the length of time to return to life as usual, and so, in this case, after 21 days of fasting, 42 days of recovery or thereabouts would correspond to this.

For me, the process of physical rebuilding tends not to take place linearly.  Continue reading 21 day water fast: one-month follow-up after the fast