“… In the long run, if you do have the resolve, then happiness and truth will eventually begin to converge. In order to reach this point, though, the only possible way forward is in relentlessly pursuing a path of self-honesty: the Way of the Heart. In contrast, the path of happiness can take you only so far before it gets lost in the jungle of your deepest, darkest subconscious issues. Although the ‘positive thinking’ often associated with Western therapeutic approaches does initially seem to produce results more effectively, it is precisely this relatively quick fix which dooms it to later failure. Why continue on to face the most painful, fear-filled questions – the ones which prevent you from really surrendering to life – when you are already tipsy with contentment? On the everyday, surface level, life has become too comfortable to make it worthwhile opening up more cans of worms. For some people this is enough, and that’s ok. Given the circumstances of their lives, some (if not most) people really don’t have the energy or the strength to go all the way. At least some kind of step has been made in the right direction: to take a degree of responsibility. This is in itself laudable. But when you do give up at this point, you also give up the possibility of experiencing your true, full infinity. It’s also the reason that some people find themselves returning again and again to their psychoanalyst over the years, because fundamental issues aren’t being addressed.

This problem of getting side-tracked by happiness also applies if you are already on a spiritual path and following the Way of Light (cultivating energy) – the practices of which inherently cultivate feelings of bliss. Why dig in the dirt when you feel like you’re shining in the light? Especially if you’ve already experienced primordial unity and your reconnection with Everything, it’s important to understand what is at stake. The power, the intensity of that love and light can easily deceive you into believing that you truly have arrived home, that there is no further work to be done. It feels so good, so complete. Yes, you feel happy. I know I did. But if you give up at this point, you also give up the possibility of remaining in and fully merging with the flow of the universe.”