title page (bevelled)Growing into Being deals with the journey into consciousness, into yourself, towards remembering who you really are beneath the everyday, surface-level you. It outlines the different possible paths to get there, and discusses the most important issues you’ll face along the way, including inner space, inner energy, ego, enlightenment, love, pain and fear.

Deep down inside, we know that we are much, much more than just our finite, fragile bodies. But lacking experiential proof to the contrary, we dare not believe it. We remain stuck in a meaningless circle of self-denial. This book gives you the tools to act – to break this circle and gain the experiential proof that, somewhere along the way, will transform your life forever. In addition to the main text, two substantial appendices provide concrete techniques and practices to help you get started. If you’re already on the way towards finding yourself, you’ll find a wide range of approaches to broaden your perspective.

We all crave happiness, truth, meaning. So why not do something about it? The time to act is now.

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