Season of love and light

the star (200x200framed5pixel)Jan. 5, 2012

Today is the twelfth day of Christmas, traditionally the last day of this season of Love and Light.  It’s more than just coincidence that so many traditions involve festivals of light this time of year.

Druids have gathered at Stonehenge for thousands of years to celebrate the rising of the Winter Solstice sun.  Of course, in simple astronomical terms this constitutes the shortest day of the year.  And as we all know, the druids had to have a practical knowledge of the stars, in order to know when to plant their crops.  But the deeper meaning of their celebration lies on a spiritual level.  Along with so many other ancient monuments, Stonehenge’s alignment with the Winter Solstice sunrise reflects a deeper alignment between outer and inner reality.  On the Winter Solstice, the sun is ‘reborn’ as the days begin to lengthen and grow again.  In the same way, each one of us has the potential to be ‘reborn’ spiritually, to recognise and know that there is more to Life than just the physical world around us.  Just as we are all born physically into this world, the first-hand experience of Spirit is itself a kind of ‘rebirth’ within this human life.  It’s no coincidence that, in celebrating spiritual rebirth, the druids chose to worship the Sun – for inner light (‘enlightenment’) and outer light perfectly reflect each other. Continue reading Season of love and light

Dream running, lucid dreams and the nature of reality

How many times do I dream about running: running without shoes, barefoot?
Many, if not most nights…

A sense of total freedom, effortlessly gliding with and like the wind.

Even during the decades I ran in shoes, my dreams of running were still the same: with a dream-body flowing like water over the terrain, no sign of shoe-shod impact with each step.  It was only after throwing away my shoes that I recognised that I’ve always run barefoot in my dreams. Continue reading Dream running, lucid dreams and the nature of reality