Fasting as a means to improve performance in endurance sports

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6 thoughts on “Fasting as a means to improve performance in endurance sports

  1. I’ve been doing IF and do all my long runs without food in my stomach. I just did 16 miles last week and wasn’t particularly hungry or trashed at the end. It shows that the body can adapt. I’ve noticed that my HR is also lower than it used to be even after 6 months of little running for the same speed. I put that on IF and what it does.


    1. Thanks for sharing Olivier. I totally agree with you about the body being able to adapt! (Just to be clear: IF = Intermittent Fasting, HR = heart Rate)


  2. Thank you for doing this blog. I’m 58, healthy, no meds. I’ve been doing IF for 3 weeks except not on weekends because they are problematic socially. I end my weekday fasts with calisthetics and a one-mile run (a lá cooper test) and two mile walk or jog, then I eat. Through the day my blood sugar stays between 4.4 and 5.2. Before my run I am always low but it becomes 5.2 by the end. Since starting IF my one mile times have decreased from 9:00 to 7:45. I attribute the improvement to running in a fasting state, because the exercise routine itself has been constant for 3 months.


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